Ceffyl Dur

The Sea Horse is modelled on a lead toy found a long time ago by a local resident when beach combing at Gallows Point.

It was only 4 cms  high. I have made it large, pounding through the waves, when in fact it was tiny cast onto the shingle by the tide of the Menai Straits.

Sea King

This character made by Clare Calder-Marshall stands 30cms high. He is made from beachcombed bits: rags, sacking, zips; his crown is created from model boats found during the demolition of one of the fishermen's sheds at Gallows Point.


Whale box

I LIKE WHALES  - made from ephemera from the Menai Straits shores: paint brushes become fish, a fishing line - a roof. Made for the exhibition FRAGMENTS OF THE PAST in 2014.

The Lead Man Takes a Paddle

The man was a tiny lead toy, the sea is made up of blue bottles whose fragments were found washed up on Gallows Point shore. Made for the exhibition " FRAGMENTS OF THE PAST EXHIBITION - what you can find out from small things"

Memorial to a Pipe Smoker

MEMORIAL TO A PIPE SMOKER made from clay pipe stems found on Gallows Point beach.


FRAGMENTS OF THE PAST - WHAT YOU CAN FIND OUT FROM SMALL THINGS - the back wall showing exhibits made from boat shed materials left around after the sheds demolition.  Also displayed, pots of old yacht paint, boat wedges and noticeboards.