Inspired By Slate Carvings

The Bangor Museum men dream of going to sea

I enjoy playing with elements taken from different locations. I saw these two characters in Gynedd Museum Bangor, carved by quarrymen on a huge fireplace lintel from Dyffryn Ogwen.  I christened them the Bangor Museum Men and decided to take them to the seaside and watch the boats (Anglesey graffiti found on gravestones).

In the picture opposite, the Bangor Museum Men are off on horseback on more adventures. The folk iconography of horse, houses and soldiers I found scratched into slate bridges and walls all over North Wales, but in particular on the wall by the Quarrymen's Hospital in Llanberis.

At Sea

Pilot boats and schooners graffitied on gravestones in coastal villages on Anglesey meet here with the faces I found on North Cornwall slate headstones. Women are waiting for the boats to come in, lamenting the shipwrecks.  Mixed media on canvas

Scenes from the Quarrymen's Hospital

The Quarrymen's Hospital in Llanberis, North Wales has a slate wall graffitied over the centuries by visitors and inmates. Quarrying slate was such a dangerous occupation that the hospital is sited by Dinorwic Quarry, now the National Slate Museum.


Angel John

Inspired by a child's gravestone in Forrabury Church Boscastle. Medium: poured paper pulp and mixed media

Star King

Inspired by a Georgian slate gravestone carving in Cornwall. More of these can be seen on Alison Englefield's Pinterest page, titled CORNISH ANGELS.