Honouring The Ancestors


My great grand-parents.

She dyed her hair and stepped out of the shadows

 In the original sepia photograph, she looked hemmed in by husband and family. I just wanted to release her.




Only One Survived













My great grandmother.

So stalwart. She had 5 pregnancies; of the 3 babies born, only one survived - my grandmother.






In love for 60 years

IN LOVE FOR 60 YEARS - the title says it all!

Not a Roses Kind of Girl

The process transforms the image, highlighting some features, obscuring others, subtly re-touching details, adding layer on layer of clues, such as fragments of vintage wall paper or advertising imagery.


The starting point is the photograph of an ancestor, relative or old friend.  In using these photos, I find I can reverse time, bring to the fore someone's childhood, celebrate their old age often at the same time.

The man behind the camera

The intense look of the mother and daughter in the photograph and the way they look towards the camera made me wonder what the feelings were...

A Last Look

They are looking so intently at the lens. The emphasis is more on the person behind the camera. Who was it and why was this photograph taken?  I'll let you make up your own minds..